Leroy Rabbit Unveil

Jill and Mike pose with the mosaic Rabbit

May 20, 2012- The long wait to see the mosaic rabbit design of Jill and Mike has been revealed in Dedham Square today. Their work took 2 months to complete the 5 foot long 4 foot high fiberglass hare. The hand cut glass mosaic pieces were grouted with  a special glow-in-the-dark grout which will be illuminated in the night time hours turning the white rabbit into a yellow and black head turning sensation. How cool is that! The bunny’s new place of residence will be at the war memorial common grass park in Oakdale Square Dedham, MA 02026 located where Cedar and River Street meet.

So, you may be asking…How many pieces of fine shaped filed glass are  glued on the cotton tailed critter? A raffle contest with all proceeds going to the Community Autism Resources will be drawn at 5pm eastern today. Check back to find out if you are the winner!

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